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Our Work With Luxury Homes in Houston

Intricacy. It's our fascination with detail that separates the home your friends brag about from just another roof over your head. Our luxury home builders in Houston, TX approach every room and space as a hot, new work of art. Here's what the team at Star Custom Homes does to stir uniqueness and you apart from others, leaving your friends with a lasting impression. Every detail from the surrounding neighborhood, custom pool features and intricate stonework will leave your guests awestruck the moment they walk through your front doors.

The Neighborhood

Star Custom Homes takes a blighted area and breathes new life into it. Our designers, artisans and tradesmen, fuse together the best defining elements of an area, to create the new luxury home on the block that everyone stops to admire. A once area of disrepair, to an area of envy and desire.

The Home

Unlike many other Houston luxury home developers, our intentions are to never build two identical homes. Each custom luxury home is a creation of its own and an inspiration of dreams. By nature, we are artists creating a personal extension of ourselves and our clients, leaving a legacy of everlasting life and joy. Our specialties include custom fireplaces, elegant columns, custom pool features and more.

The Finish

Like a moving work of art, Star Custom Homes strives to create something that stirs and inspires you. Our builders have successfully done this for years through unrivaled designs and finishes. A creation by Star Custom Homes includes semi-precious stones imported from across the globe. Furthermore, these stones that make up fireplaces carry the artistry and intricacy of post-Byzantine art and famed vegetal patterns. Bring an exotic mountainside to your home that was hewn with care. Some of our semi-precious stones include marble, onyx, alabaster and travertine. View our gallery to see what we mean.

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